Negros Occidental One day trip to Bacolod City

December 19, 2017

BACOLOD CITY  is one of the best destinations in the Philippines. Great food, peaceful and serene community, easy access to basic needs, hospitable people and much more to mention. It was well-known to be the City of Smiles where you can see people around you smiling. Bacolod City is most well-known for three things — sweets, chicken inasal, and Masskara Festival.

One early morning, my colleagues and I decided to roam around the city without knowing where to go exactly. So first, we headed to Talisay City which is 15 minutes aways from downtown where The Ruins is located. 

THE RUINS, Talisay City

The ancestral home mansion of the family of wealthy sugar baron
Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson who built it in early 1900s, in memory of his Portuguese wife Maria Braga Lacson who had died during the 11th child birth. It was constructed on a 440-hectare plantation in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. It was burnt down by the American colonial masters during the World War II to prevent its use as military office by the invading Japanese forces. It burnt for 3 days to its current empty cement shell.

The Interior

The two-story mansion was of Italianate architecture as evidenced by its neo-Romanesque columns all around. Since the engineer was a Filipino, it is believed the design came from that of Maria’s ancestral mansion which was given by her father to Mariano as sample. The imprimatur of Maria’s father, a ship captain, is now clear from the shell-inspired décor all around the top edges of the mansion – the same ones that identified the homes of ship captains in New England at the time.

Tell-tale signs of Mariano’s adoration for Maria abound. There’s the two “M” letters molded in reclined positions onto each and every post around the mansion’s exterior – symbols that stand for Mariano and Maria. The final touches to the concrete walls and posts were made with egg whites mixed into the cement for a fine, marble-like touch, representing Maria’s alabaster skin characteristic of Mediterranean women. And the load-bearing pillars were reinforced, not with ordinary metal rods, but with the thick, dense metal columns used to build railways for long-lasting ability – an edifice for Maria that can last “forever.”

The Ruins also houses a cafe where you can refresh especially if you're there to view the sunset, a restaurant and stores like souvenir shop. I once bought a sugarcane juice and I tell you, it was so refreshing!

NOW--The RUINS, as it is popularly known today, has been acclaimed as “one of the 12 most fascinating ruins of the world”, “one of the best landmarks in the Philippines”, “the Taj Mahal of Negros”, and “the Best Heritage Site of the Philippines awardee for 2016”.

Next stop! 

After reminiscing the history, we have decided to take our lunch. Someone recommended that we should try eating at Bacolod 18th Street Palapala for they serve fresh seafoods and they can cook it for you.

We chose various of seafoods like shrimps, squid, scallops and blue marlin.

*Aside from this, they also offer private and air-conditioned rooms. You will also find the place neat and breezy. Parking areas are also available.

Moving on, as our tummies became full and felt the torment heat of Bacolod, we preferred having a cup of coffee and had a great moment to chill. So we went to Don Salvador Benedicto. 

DON SALVADOR BENEDICTO is a fourth class municipality located in the hinterlands of Negros Occidental, named after the late Vice Governor of the province. If you’ve traveled to Bacolod from Cebu or vice versa by land and sea trip, chances are, you’ve passed by the sub-zero town of Don Salvador Benedicto.

Just by the side of the street on our way up to the stunning mountain of Don Salvador Benedicto, we saw this ordinary hut, with a not-so-ordinary view. D’ Horizon Doc J’s 2 offers a coffee break for tourists, motorists and to the people who just need to relax and chill. 

A great escape from the hustle and bustle of Bacolod City, a quick one-hour drive will take you to this gem. 35 pesos for the coffee, and the view— priceless!

As we go along the mountainous and curves of the road, we stopped over the Lion that was erected on the side of the road. It was served as the landmark of DSB. 

You can also witness the overlooking view of the mountains of Don Salvador

We were all satisfied and amazed by the beauty of nature at Don Salvador so we're all ready again to go back to the Metro. But before we head our way going home, we have decided again to have a last minute food trip. Our stomachs are all ready to be full again. This time we are going to try their famous Chicken inasal which is the chicken barbecue. 

We chose eating at Aida's chicken, actually you can choose which stall you are going to eat. The prices were so affordable and the taste is highly recommended for you guys. 

Manokan Country is located beside SM Bacolod mall so it's just accessible for the tourists. You should check it out. 

We made home early in the evening that day. It was a day full of experiences and lots of fun. Negros has a lot of hidden wonders waiting to be discovered by YOU someday! 

Locations and Tips on how to get there:
  • The RUINS 
      • From the airport, take a shuttle to Bacolod and tell the driver to drop you off at The RUINS. It is along the way to Bacolod City from the airport. 
      • By private car or taxi, from the airport, take the access road to the airport going south to Bacolod City. Turn right to Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway (5th intersection) and in about 900 meters you will arrive at The RUINS.
      • From Bacolod City, take a jeepney ride to BATA and get off at Robinson’s Mall. Walk to GO Hotel and take a shuttle from there to The RUINS.
      • By private car or taxi, take Lacson Street going north to Talisay City. After the flyover at the CERES North Terminal and PEPSI bottling plant, turn right towards the mountains on Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway and in about 2.3 kms. you will arrive at The RUINS.

  • Bacolod 18TH street Palapala 
      • Aguinaldo St., Cor 18th St., Brgy. 4, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental
      • Bacolod 18th St.Palapala Seafood Grill & Restaurant, Address

  • Don Salvador Benedicto
      • From Bacolod City South Terminal, take a bus bound for San Carlos City. Drop off at Don Salvador Benedicto. Fare is P80.00. Travel time usually takes 1-2 hours.

  • Manokan Country
      • Manokan Country is located near SM Bacolod. We took the Bata-Libertad jeep and asked the driver to drop us off at Manokan Country, and he did. It was just before SM Bacolod (you can see Andoks at the corner).

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