Garin Farm: A journey to escape reality

December 15, 2017

     My trip to GarinFarm is a sole-itching journey. For a first timer like me, you don't know what awaits for you there. GarinFarm is situated at San Joaquin, an hour and a half drive from Iloilo City. Upon entering the gates you will be walking under a vegetable tunnel passing by some various animals like chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys, buffaloes and many more so you have to expect that you will be greeted with a foul odor due to animal wastes but it was kinda tolerable and bearable so don't worry that much.

Green vegetable tunnel 

     The walk will just take you minutes going to what they call "The Pavilion". When you reach this place, you can now see and be amazed by the view of the stairway to heaven. It will kinda be a long journey and will take you minutes to reach the top but fortunately you can also ride on the golf carts for a minimal fee. There's also a lagoon on the side where you can ride boats and do kayaking.

     Along your journey, you will get to pass by some diorama based from the stories in the bible. Here you can choose whether you will pray, meditate or to take pictures.

     When on the top, you can now witness the holistic scenery of the place. It is best appreciated when you visit the place personally. Before seeing the most awaited scene, you have to pass through the dark meditation tunnel so you have to observe silence upon entering this place.

     After few minutes, you may now see the purpose of your visit there. You can enjoy taking pictures as you photobombed with the angels with trumpets singing and glorifying Him.

     After the long journey, I went to their canteen and sipped a can of soft drinks as I became thirsty climbing the stairs back and forth. 

     My effort was so worth it and I was so satisfied with the view that I have witnessed. One more thing, if you get to visit there until 4pm, you can also see how they feed the animals. They call groups of animals one by one and feed them accordingly.


There's a lot more of this experience when you visit GarinFarm. It was a great place to meditate, pray and reminisce about the story in the bible and His sufferings for us.  

  Here's how to get there:   

  • From Iloilo City, you can take a bus or jeepney bound for San Joaquin. Terminals can be found at Molo teminal, Mohon terminal or Super. Fare is about 60 pesos and travel time is less than 2 hours. 
  • You can also take a van going to San Joaquin. The fare is 100 pesos and travel time is also less than 2 hours. 
  • Just tell the driver or conductor (the one collecting the fare) to drop you off to San Joaquin market. 
  • From the highway, take a tricycle going to Garin Farm. Fare is 10 pesos each or you can pay 50 pesos for the one way trip. 

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