VIETNAM: An Exceptional Trip in Hà Giang

January 25, 2018

Hà Giang is a remote province of northern Vietnam and about 7 hours drive from Hanoi. It has the most epic and beautiful untouched scenery. Hà Giang province is rarely having visitors or tourists(Idk nowadays). Most of its population consists of ethnic minorities.

The provincial capital, also called Hà Giang, is connected by Highway 2 and is 320 km away from Hanoi. It is said that Ha Giang is the poorest province in Vietnam, but I don't agree with that. In my opinion, Ha Giang is the wealthiest because of its rich nature, happy people and the never-ending culture that is well preserved and maintain even for their small children.

H'Mong King Palace
We had the chance to visit H’Mong King Palace in Dong Van. It was where Vuong Chinh Duc used to live. He was a man who became rich by dealing goods especially opium. His place now serves to be one of the tourist attractions in Hà Giang.

Front view of the Palace

There are some vendors selling different stuffs like foods, nuts, flowers, souvenirs and many more outside the palace as shown in the picture below.

The Lũng Cẩm Village

Lung Cam village had become famous after it was chosen as the setting scene for the film named “Chuyện của Pao”. Here is one of the most beautiful villages’ White H’mong people, with many ancient houses.

Coming here, tourists can go to see the architecture of ancient houses and experiences the daily life of the local.

Now, there are some families running their business with home-stay services to welcome tourists who would like to stay overnight in the village. 

Mã Pí Lèng Pass 

Passing through this beautiful scenery, you can have an overlooking view of the Nho Quế River (Vietnamese: Sông Nho Quế) it is a river of Vietnam and China. You can choose whether you gonna enjoy the view on the viewing area/deck or on the top of the sky garden view.

Thien Phuong cave 

It takes about 2 kms hike from the mainroad before you reach this magical cave. It is the location of many sights, especially natural caves and grottos of Doi, Lang Lo and Phuong Thien.

According to folklore, heavenly female beings came there to bathe in the lunar new year, thus its name. The local population uses it as a water source and to pray for good luck in the new year.
You can also visit some markets that are open in the morning until noontime. You can see people selling their homegrown products or animals such as pigs, goats, buffaloes, chickens and dogs.

I recommend you to stay at Homestay places where you can experience to live the ethnic way. The people there will take care of you all the time and provide you with all your needs.

After all the cold weather that we’ve been through and the hikes that challenged us, we were able to witness the beautiful panoramic view of Hà Giang. I guess there were so many beautiful hidden things that Hà Giang can offer to us. So let’s not stop exploring!

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VIETNAM: An Exceptional Trip in Hà Giang

Hà Giang is a remote province of northern Vietnam and about 7 hours drive from Hanoi. It has the most epic and beautiful untouched sce...