PHILIPPINES: Simala Shrine: A Miraculous journey

December 17, 2017

One day, I realized that I received so much blessings from Him. I haven't thanked Him enough and I thought it was the right time to praise and glorify Him. After passing and graduating from college and had a successful job, I almost forgot that it wasn't just because of my sacrifices but also I have faith in Him. I've decided to visit the famous Sanctuary of Mary or what they call Simala Shrine. I've been hearing about this church from my friends and family members and makes them to crave to go to this shrine. So having the opportunity and courage to visit, I never wasted my time. 

     Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or popularly known as  Simala Church, is a castle-like church located in Marian Hills of upper Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Simala Shrine was built in February 1998 by the Marian monks from Pampanga. 

     The people of Lindogon considered the Marian monks as the instrument of the realization of the old's man prediction. He was Ireneo Villamor also known as "Ingko Niyong".

     As I walk around the Shrine, I was so amazed by how they made the construction possible with its overlooking view. They keep on renovating each corners of the shrine and beautifying it. The construction was reportedly made possible in part by the donations of faithful pilgrims. 

     Many devotees make the trip to Simala Shrine to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many of these devotees have their own stories of miracles in their lives. These stories are documented at the church and stored in cabinets close to the exit of the shrine. 

     Upon entering the holy place, it needs to leave our shoes or slippers at the entrance. Another thing is, please make sure to wear proper attire when going there, shorts/sleeveless shirt/blouse are not allowed to go inside the holy place. But don't worry, you can bring/buy/rent a sarong or malong in order for you to enter the premises. 

the Altar

     Roaming around, I saw a variety of Mama Mary in different colors and features, most of them are depicting that of which country the statues came from. They were all lovely and has their own story on how they showered their blessings to the people. 

     On the other side, I also saw some blessed garments and things of Mama Mary like what she wore during her first shedding of tears, the rosary the she used, her crown and some important things that she used during the special occasio

Sacred Vestment worn by Mama Mary during Her first Shedding of Tears

This place is not only for those who believe in miracles. This place is for all of the people who is making miracles happen. By praying, trusting and having faith in Him, you can make a miracle by or within yourself. We should always remember to pray wherever we are because He is not just inside the church but He is always inside our heart. 

  Here's how to get there:  
  • You can opt to take a van or a bus from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. South Bus Terminal is a 3-minute walk from Elizabeth mall. 
  • Based on my experience, I took a van going to Simala. It was a not-so-good experience because the van was full of passengers and the ventilation is not enough for the people inside the van. 
  • If taking a bus, just tell the driver or conductor(the one who's collecting the fare) to drop you off to the road heading to Simala. The Shrine is 5 kms away from the bus drop point, so you need to hop on the habal-habal (motorcycle) to reach the shrine. Fare: 20 pesos

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