Negros Occidental A day in Mambukal Resort

December 21, 2017

Mambukal Resort is one of the best spot to enjoy, relax and at the same time best for adventure. The resort lies 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. Originally developed by a Japanese architect named Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927, the resort started as a bathhouse and picnic garden and has provided cool haven for Negrenses and their guests.

The resort has so many exceptional beauty features where one can have a relaxing experience such as swimming pools, hot springs, boating lagoon, seven waterfalls and many more.

Mambukal boasts a number of hot sulfur springs whose medicinal waters are a balm for the weary flesh and continually feels the warm dipping pool Ishiwata Bathhouse and the newly constructed Japanese Ofuro.

As you can see behind me was a gas emitted by the sulfur spring. This is the main source of heated water used in the dipping pool. You can stoop over the concrete barrier to have a look, but you should be careful. If you fall down, you’re definitely going to suffer third-degree burns.

While wandering around, I saw a boating lagoon where you can do kayaking or as well as boating. But I didn't grab the opportunity to do such adventure because many people were waiting for their turn and the said ride is until 4pm only so it means that they already cut off the line. 

It was gloomy and kinda cool too so I wanna have a refreshing time as well as time to relax so I have decided to go to the hot spring and taken a dip there. It was so nice to relax because of the massive trees that surrounds the hot spring. You can also hear the chirping sound of the birds and the fruit bats  or also called as flying foxes flapping their wings. 

Warm sulfur dipping pool

The closer you are to the source of water or the artificial fountain, the hotter it gets. If you stay near the entrance, the water is kinda cool already so what's the purpose of dipping on the hot spring, right? 

Beside this hot spring/warm sulfur dipping pool is what they call Japanese Ofuro. The difference between them is that the hot spring comes from natural spring up in the mountain but the ofuro itself is just like soaking on the tub of hot water which means someone or something is regenerating power to make the water hot. 

It was close when I visited due to renovations so I wasn't able to take a glance inside the ofuro.

Maybe next time! ðŸ˜…

If you ever have an energy and plenty of time to go on the Seven waterfalls, don't hinder yourself. I haven't had plenty of time during this visit so I wasn't able to climb once again going to the falls. But I'm telling you, it will be one of your greatest achievements when you reach the Seventh falls without using shortcuts of course. Don't worry they offer tour guides as you finish listing down your names on their logbook for your safety.

You can see the view of Butterfly Garden. You can enter for a nominal fee. If you're lucky enough, you can get to see many kinds and colors of butterflies.

There are so many things to enjoy whenever you visit Mambukal Resort aside from what I shared, you can also do wall climbing, zip line, camping and picnic. If your hungry/thirsty, they also have canteen that offers many kinds of Ilonggo dishes such as inasal (barbecue) up to the coldest drink you want.

This was already my Nth visit in this place and I was never been disappointed. I am still amazed by the nature it gives me. Various kinds of trees that are going to welcome you as you enter this sanctuary. So peaceful that you'll be hearing no sound but chirping of birds and flow of the water.

You can check out resort's official page for more information. 

  Here's how to get there:  
  • From Bacolod City, go to Libertad. You can take a mini bus across Savemore supermarket going to Mambukal Resort. You will be dropped off infront of the resort. Fare is only 35PHP. 

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