PHILIPPINES: Let's Explore Cebu City Together (ft. Moalboal, Oslob, Mactan Newtown beach)

March 13, 2018

✅ Bikinis 👙
✅ Sunscreen
✅ Beach towels

These are the most important things you need to bring when you're heading to the beach.
Camera and smartphone are not so essential because I believe that memories are best captured by the brain.

Living in Philippines is not hard at all when you're thinking positively most of the time.
Chill out places are everywhere to offer you a never ending fun and excitement.
But talking about summer, Philippines might be your dream country of destination in the future!

7,107 islands no more! Philippines is now consist of 7,641 islands. Who would have thought that this tiny country will have that much to offer?

So, let's talk about some famous getaways and to do's in Philippines for you to enjoy and have a brain-full-of-crazy moments!

Living for almost 2 years in Cebu let me explore its inner beauty. MACTAN NEWTOWN BEACH is one of the cheapest getaways to go while staying in Cebu. Natural white sand beach and clear azure waters will welcome you upon entering the beach. 

Entrance fee will cost you 150Php and you can enjoy the place. They also have cafeteria inside to sell you drinks, foods and other necessities. You can avail the paddle board, picnic huts, tables and chairs on the site. If you like to have a picnic style getaway, you can bring your own mats/blanket. Bringing of food is also allowed as long as you observe the LEAVE NO TRACE policy.

Is mentioning sharks scares you? How about swimming with them? Well, don't worry, they won't eat nor bite you! They are filter-feeding and they love to eat planktons!

And YES! You can swim with them. Oslob is a well-known municipality in Cebu which offers you to encounter these water giants. Whale watching will cost 500Php for the locals and 1,000Php for foreigners. You're now then allowed to encounter these giants for 30 minutes.
**Putting sunscreen is strictly not allowed as it can cause harm for the animals.

If you're a non-swimmer life vest is available. But don't panic, you won't drown (based on my experience). Until now I'm still wondering why I'm floating for the whole time.

On our way to explore some islands in Moalboal


Pescador Island is one of the islands which houses an abundance of fish and coral reefs. And guess what! I found Nemo there! 😂

Our guides gave us some bread to feed the fishes. It was so fun interacting with them. FEEDING FRENZY!

Next stop, TURTLE CHASING! 🐢 

The guides said that we were so lucky that we saw 4 big turtles swimming around the area. You can sometimes see them because they are changing from one location to another especially when the weather is not good or they sense some trouble in their habitat.

Few meters away from those sweet turtles, were schools of fishes which they called the SARDINES RUN. Seeing those fishes dancing their way to escape from their predators.

The current of the water was too strong so the guides have decided to pull me towards the water just to see the sardines. My eyes were bulging all the time feeling so amazed and thanking Him that these creatures were made. 

I left this place with a smile and promised to go back as soon as possible. This would be all for now! Stay tuned as I go around this gorgeous country, PHILIPPINES! 

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