SINGAPORE: How to Spend Your 2-days in Singapore

March 16, 2018

Fresh from Cambodia, we took a 2 hour trip by plane going to Singapore. Changi Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in Asia. It is also rated as the World's Best Airport for 5 consecutive years. Isn't it amazing? Who would have thought that you're inside an airport while seeing a garden, big hello kitty statue, numerous escalators, very wide and big shopping stalls for souvenirs and foodcourt. Well you can only find them whenever you fly to Singapore. 

Enough of the flattering comments and introduction about the airport. Singapore is no wonder known as the priciest country. For Singaporeans, living in an expensive city is not a surprise. I guess that's the reason why they're living in such modern place. But let's not talk about money here. Let's see what Singapore can offer us in our 2 days of journey. 

From the airport, you can take a bus or MRT(mass rapid transit) going to the city. Pro tip: Riding an MRT train will help you save a lot. Foreigners opt to purchase MRT EZ-Link card for them to use every MRT ride. 

Trip Highlights 

Day 1 

Masjid Sultan Mosque

a mosque allotted for Muslims and is located at Muscat street. This mosque is considered as the most important mosque in Singapore (I just don't know why). Visitors can just come in and go as long as they observe proper dress code to respect muslim's religion. But don't worry if you are wearing unsuitable clothes, they provide black long dresses outside for you.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

You can see this Hindu temple in the middle of Little India.



Right exactly before chinese new year when we visited this place. The place is too crowded and full of tourists buying souvenirs. You can see many stalls selling various of items from foods, drinks and as I said souvenirs.

Little India 


Upon arriving in Singapore, I have noticed that not only Chinese people are living there. There is also a big community of Indian national adding the population of the place.
The buildings were painted full of colours. 

Sri Mariamman Temple

Another Hindu temple but the oldest one. The main entrance was designed with Hindu deities or the god and goddesses in Hinduism. 

Merlion Park

You can never leave Singapore without going to its famous landmark. Merlion, as the country's symbol, is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. 

Marina Bay/Marina Bay Sands 

Gardens by the Bay

Their government made this attraction to promote a greener surroundings and also to transform Singapore from being a Garden City in to a City in a Garden. 
By staying or going there before the sun sets or around 7 in the evening can make you witness the stunning colours and dancing lights as they sync with the music.

Flower Dome


This gigantic fully air-conditioned glass full of themed gardens and exotic plants is a very BIG yes for me. Everything makes me wow and stunned for a while. So cooooooool!!!❄️ 


 From different kinds of flowers to various size of cacti. Name it all!


Cloud Forest

 A beautiful landscapes of highland gardens with a welcoming waterfalls that greets you upon entering the dome. 

Esplanade Mall/Marina Square

The nearest shopping mall around Marina Bay. People stop by here to shop and to eat after a long day in Marina Bay.

Day 2 

I just spent my whole day at Universal Studios Singapore. Experienced most of the rides inside and met some popular cartoon figures, characters from some movies like transformers, Jurassic park, and many more. 




I also had the chance to watch the famous live water show called WaterWorld, a live sea war spectacular. Where actors are performing stunts like jumping off the water with matching special effects. It was so fun and people were so amazed while watching the show. 


You won't get lost in Singapore as long as you know where you are heading to as every MRT/LRT stations have their system map. Keep in mind that when traveling, always make a guide or itineraries and make a side note for its location. 

Been away from Philippines for more than a month is tough for me. Foods, cultures, languages are very different. So I felt so excited upon finishing my trip in Singapore because I am finally going back to my homeland, the Philippines. I will make my full wrap up from 4 Asian countries that I visited. Keep intouch fellas! 👋 

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